Help and support app for mental & physical issues.

Created for teens & young adults.

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How it all began…

Caremonkeys is a concept devised and designed by five young girls who feel teens and young adults need easy to access support that’s completely confidential. Working alongside Cornerhouse, Hull, Caremonkeys is now providing a safe hub for young people to receive advice and support with bullying, abuse, depression and anxiety.


The Caremonkeys app offers a variety of safety features, which shows the app as a game to keep it hidden from unwanted attention. The app also features a hide me button for a quick exit, handy tools and important contact details for the support you need.

  • Advice, Support & Safety Tips

    Caremonkey gathers advice about a number of different issues including sexting, sexual exploitation, depression, anxiety and abuse and provides safety tips to deal with these problems. If you need more information and would like to speak to someone use the contact button.

  • Toolkit & The Theatre

    The Caremonkey Toolkit contains a list of apps and GIFS designed to help teens and young adults cope with a wide range of issues and find relevant support in their local area. We also have the theatre, a compilation of online videos with relatable content, advice and scenarios.

  • Hide Me

    The ‘Hide Me’ button allows you to leave the app immediately, which can be helpful if someone walks into the room you are in or asks to see your phone. The button will sit at the bottom of your screen whilst you use the app, when pressed the app will turn into a fully functioning game.

  • Normal Version

    We have developed the caremonkeys app to appear as a game on your homescreen so you don’t have to worry about anyone finding it or preventing you from using it. The ‘hide me’ button will allow you to leave the app immediately, taking you to “Cat and Ghost” a fully functioning game included within the app.

  • Secret version

    The Secret app is for anyone who feels they are in a difficult, sensitive or dangerous situation and does not wish others to know them to be searching for help. This version is also a web browser that can be saved to your home screen however this version will always load as the ‘Cat & Ghosts’ game, from there you will need to press the caremonkeys logo within the game to allow you to gain access to the app. This top secret version means you won’t have to worry about anyone finding it, you will also have access to the hide me button to allow for an immediate exit back to the game.

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