Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is when a physical action such as hitting, kicking, tripping, scratching or pushing, are used to hurt and/or intimidate you.


Remember, repeatedly and intentionally damaging someone’s belongings is also physical abuse.


Physical abuse presents the most immediate threat of serious injury and relies heavily on the victim’s unwillingness to endure another attack or do anything which might trigger an abuser’s anger. Physical abuse often leaves a trail of evidence against the abuser, bruising, cuts or scratches can sometimes be signs that someone has or is being abused. It is very common for the victim to feel depressed or powerless because they were unable to defend themselves against an abuser and often feel too scared to report the abuse incase this triggers another attack, in most cases this is how the abuser gains control over the victim.


Physical abuse is often committed by someone who takes full advantage of his or her victim’s inability to fight back, they will often be physically stronger, whilst the victim is often someone that can be intimidated and manipulated.


If you are being threatened by someone or they are physically hurting you, you need to tell someone you trust, preferably an adult, like a parent, teacher, youth worker or a close friend. If you are in serious danger you must contact the police.