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    Depression is an illness that can have a big effect on people’s lives, a doctor can help you understand more about depression,  happens to lots of people, boys, girls, young and old. 

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    Signs or symptoms of depression could be feeling sad or anxious most of the time, not enjoying things that you used to enjoy, tiredness or low energy, even when you have rested, not eating much or overeating, problems sleeping, feelings of worthlessness, feelings of guilt, mood swings, aches or pains that have no obvious cause and not wanting to see people or go out.

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    Loneliness can lead to depression and you don’t need to be physically alone or cut off to feel lonely. You might be surrounded by other people. But still it feels like you’re on your own. Maybe you don’t feel close to your friends, or it could be part of another problem. Loneliness can make us feel down. If you feel like this, you can get help.

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    If you suffer from depression and/or loneliness you could seek advice to help build your confidence and self-esteem – this can help you feel confident when you meet new people, focus on stuff you like about yourself and focus on the positives in your life

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    Some people who experience really serious depression and loneliness might feel so bad about themselves and their life that they think that the only way out is to kill themselves. If you’re having suicidal thoughts or feelings or are worried about one of your friends, you’re not alone and there’s help for you. Please call a Childline counsellor for free on 0800 1111 or talk to someone you trust about it.