• 1

    Once you send a message you can’t control what happens to it



  • 2

    Do not let someone guilt or pressure you into sending a sex text



  • 3

    If you’ve sent a nude pic, have an honest conversation with the person you sent it to. Ask them to delete it


  • 4

    If an indecent or nude pic of you is posted online, you can contact the website directly or speak to a Childline counsellor about having it removed.

  • 5

    Its illegal for nude pics of  people under 18 to be posted online, if you confirm your age by emailing your passport to a Childline counsellor, we can make a report to the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) who will contact the website and remove the photo.

  • 6

    When you’re under 18 it’s against the law for anyone to take or have a sexual photo of you – even if it’s a selfie.

  • 7

    If someone’s pressuring you to send a sexual photo and you’re worried about speaking to the police, you can talk to a Childline counsellor.

  • 8

    You can block a particular number from contacting you on some mobiles, however you should always be careful about giving people your phone number.

  • 9

    If you’ve been sent a sexual image or video, don’t pass it on or share it with anyone.

  • 10

    People aren’t always honest about who they are online. If you’ve received a sexual message (including things like an email, text message, picture message, sexual photo or voicemail) or one that makes you uncomfortable, try talking to an adult you trust.

  • 11

    If someone gives you money, helps you in any way, gives you gifts or makes you feel really special and important they may expect something from you in return, this is called grooming. They have done those things so they can force you into doing something they want, in some cases they may expect nude photographs.

  • 12

    If you are being groomed and they are trying to get you to share sexual images they will often; send you lots of messages (on Facebook, text messaging and chat rooms etc), ask you to keep your conversations secret, send sexual content and blackmail you.


  • 13

    If you’re unsure whether or not you are being groomed you must speak to someone you can trust, and remember – you haven’t done anything wrong.