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    Anxiety can start as a simple worry but grow into massive panic, convincing you that you’re losing it altogether. It can make you scared, restless, speed up your heart and make you short of breath but give no explanations as to why it’s happening.


  • 2

    Talking about how you feel is a great way to feel better, you don’t have to face things alone, contact Childline they’re there to listen.



  • 3

    Visit your doctor so you can work together to understand what type of anxiety you might be having and talk you through the different treatment options.



  • 4

    Talking with a friend, family member or someone you trust about how you feel can often help. Talking can leave you feeling calmer and more comfortable, if you’re not ready to talk try writing it down.




  • 5

    Try boosting your confidence by challenging your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones like “I am worthwhile” instead of “I am worthless”, or make a list of all the good things about yourself.


  • 6

    Meditation and deep breathing exercises is a helpful way to relax your mind and control panic attacks.  Find somewhere quiet, away from any distractions, clear your mind and focus on your breathing.